Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Debugger not get attached - visual studio 2013

Debugger not get attached - visual studio 2013

This is a very common question some times developer came across.According to my experience this can be happens due to few reasons like,

  • You debugging badly build code 
  • You debugging some code it point to some other Dll
  • You debugging something but the code is something else.
  • You debugging the code but the dll it pointing might be a older one or not build properly.
  • May be your build symbols has not been attched and created properly when you build your code.


its simple

  • Clean your solution or project from the root.
  • Use Rebuild to recreate all debug symbols
  • if not worked do the same by restarting visual studio.

Sometimes in visual studio 2013 this happening and they have introduse new debugin engine and features and they are trying to getrid of old feature so enabling that also you would be able to active your debugger


Go to tools options -select ToolsOptions then check Use Managed Compatibility Mode on the Debugging General tab

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